Building something new for user interviews!

We recently joined a venture builder in London (Antler), formed a team and on our way to building a startup. 

If you're a user researcher, product manager or a designer and conduct user interviews, we'd love to have a chat and show you our MVP!


If you'd be up for chatting, please choose some time that suits your best:

(In return you'll be able to use our product free for 3 months as soon as we launch)


If you've got any questions, please ping me an email on:

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Some of the problems we're tackling

  • Live note-taking

    Struggling to take accurate notes during an interview

  • Reviewing recordings

    Finding it difficult to go through video recordings to find relevant snippets

  • Summarising individual calls

    Taking too long to review notes and videos to summarise individual calls

  • Synthesising multiple interviews

    Taking too long to review summaries, identify key themes and categorise across multiple calls to then create an output

  • Accessing old user interviews

    Never going through old or past interviews that might have relevant info because of how long it takes

  • Sharing key insights with team

    Lack of tools to easily share key information and insights with the rest of your team

Get to know us

Feel free to drop us a message via email or LinkedIn, we'd love to chat

  • Neil
    Neil Gujar
    Co-founder & CEO

    Neil has conducted 100's of interviews at his previous startup and felt there must be a better way to keep track of notes and synthesise key insights

  • Kris photo2
    Krisztian Kovacs
    Co-founder & CTO

    Kris loves to automate labour intensive tasks. The huge amount of time spent taking notes and reviewing information makes this a great problem to tackle.

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