Automate your outreach

Automatically book qualified meetings with AI-powered prospecting
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From qualification to outreach

Eliminate research and guesswork. Effortlessly build an automatic, scalable top of funnel pipeline.
  • Automatic Account Qualification

  • Automatic Contact Data Sourcing

  • Automatic Personalized Emails

  • Automatic sending

How It Works

An end-to-end prospecting and outreach solution.
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    Build your signals

    Match signals to your exact ICP requirements using our pre-built signals, or create your own. Add, remove or edit signals anytime.
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    Upload accounts

    One-time set-up allows you to continuously pipe through accounts as they come up on your radar. Noki tells you which accounts match each signal.
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    Select personas

    Select job titles that match your ideal personas, Noki finds them for each account.
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    Generate emails

    Noki's AI automatically generates powerful, hyper-personalized emails for each lead using the data collected from your signals.
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    Automatic campaigns

    Noki's AI inbox automatically creates and sends campaigns. Choose the type of replies you want to receive.
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Get a free sample of 20 AI generated emails

Unlock seller productivity

Bake-in next-level optimization and productivity for your sales teams with AI
  • More meetings

    10x meetings by focusing on relevant accounts and leads, and reaching out using personalized messaging at scale.
  • Cut time

    Free up weeks of seller time by cutting out manual account research, lead research and email writing.
  • Repeatable, scalable

    Eliminate guesswork - Noki gives you a repeatable and scalable top of funnel you can always rely on.

Sarah, VP Marketing (HR Platform)

"Noki is game-changing. Our SDRs and AEs no longer need to prospect and can focus on securing meetings and opportunities. The level of granularity is something we could never get from existing sales tools. Noki is able to find very specific information consistently and instantly for hundreds of accounts, that would of taken an SDR weeks if not months."

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Get a free sample of 20 AI generated emails
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